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School trip to Malta - 5B DL


At the end of October, our class took a trip to the Mediterranean island of Malta. Prof.ssa Norma Dallago made the destination choice with us. We take this opportunity to thank her for the organisation of the trip.

We visited several important monuments, where we became silent witnesses to a thousand-year old legacy of a majestic , diverse culture. Throughout the visit we learned and shared information about the history, geography and economy of this beautiful island. Curiously, we noted fun peculiarities about a culture different from our own.

We visited the capital city, Mdina, known as the “silent city”, La Valletta and the Rotunda of Mosta, a church bombed by Italian and German air forces during the second World War.

The megalithic temples of Ggantja anti-date Stonehenge in England and the Giza Pyramids in Egypt by a thousand years. The vertical Dingli Cliffs in the south were breathtaking, the island of Gozo up north beautifully peaceful. We enjoyed the stunning views of the incredibly attractive but nonetheless perilously rocky island landscape.

On the whole, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and were glad we had made this surprisingly interesting choice.

~ Class 5B DL

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