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Il giorno Giovedì 29 Marzo 2012 si terrà il seguente seminario, organizzato dal prof. Luca Selmi, presso la sala riunioni grande del DIEGM.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.  

SPEAKER AND AFFILIATION: William Vandenberghe, IMEC research center, Leuven, Belgium

WHEN and WHERE: Thursday March 29 at 15.00 Sala riunioni grande DIEGM

TITLE: Modeling of tunnel field-effect transistors

ABSTRACT: Over the last decades semiconductor transistor dimensions have scaled from the micrometer scale to the nanometer scale. At the same time, supply voltages have been reduced but not at the same rate which hampers the reduction of power consumption as scaling progresses. The lack of supply voltage scaling lies in the fixed trade-off between supply-voltage and off-current in MOSFET devices determined by the 60mV/decade subthreshold slope at room temperature.
To overcome the subthreshold limitation a new transistor device concept has been introduced: the tunnel field-effect transistor (TunnelFET). TunnelFET operation is based on band-to-band tunneling, the TunnelFET does not have a 60mV/decade subthreshold slope and has the potential to operate at lower supply voltages. To understand this promising device, accurate modeling of the device physics is required. In our talk, we explain the working principle of the TunnelFET based on analytical models and device simulations.